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XcooBee SDK


We make the SDK available so that developers at any level can implement privacy as a utility in their application. The SDKs are published for multiple languages and implement the same set of support functions.

This allows developers to quickly implement data and consent collection while also improving their own compliance and providing their customers with the tools they need to manage their privacy rights.

In order to use the SDK you will have to have at least a developer level subscription in XcooBee. This will allow you to build and test your applications. To use it in production mode, you will need at least a professional subscription to XcooBee.

Customers and users generally can participate with **free* memberships unless you have added specific restrictions in your application.


The XcooBee SDK is a facility to abstract lower level calls and implement standard behaviors. The XcooBee team is providing this to improve the speed of implementation and show the best practices while interacting with XcooBee.

All SDKs are published under the Apache v. 2.0 license. Feel free to make Pull Requests and suggestions.


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