HIPAA Compliant

Document Exchange

Online Privacy regulations are making it harder to manage lead generation Using HIPAA compliant servers to store your documents is a good first step. But what about when you need to send or receive these documents?
Using snail mail can increase inaccuracies and make your process inefficient. And HIPAA forbids the use of regular emails. XcooBee can help.


Why Choose XcooBee?

Share accross


XcooBee adds data exchange capabilities to your storage solution with simple integration. Compatible with all providers.



Make your campaigns compliant with GDPR, CPPA and any new regulations in no time. Without writing any code.

Easy data


XcooBee tracks document sharing history and validates the identity of your senders and recipients to keep malicious actors at bay.

Save precious


Our document type filter protects you against virus payloads and suspicious files, saving you from potential costly attacks.

A Solution for All Your Privacy Needs


File Transfer

Keep control of your sensitive data, even when it leaves your servers. Send and receive encrypted, timestamped documents to and from any storage source with Secure File Transfer. XcooBee uses A.I. to ensure the documents received are safe and from verified senders.



Gathering patient forms using pen and paper can be a time-consuming and unreliable process.
Paper-to-Action adds a quick and secure way for your patients to submit their health data onto your servers during their office visit. It’s HIPPA compliant, safe and seamless.


Frictionless  Cookie


Turn website visitors into customers with XcooBee’s Cookie Kit. The Cookie Kit puts visitors in control of their data while they browse your website.
They’ll know right away you care about their privacy, and you’ll earn their trust in no time. What’s more?
It’s free!


Is Your Agency Compliant with the CCPA and the SHIELD Act?

A growing number of countries and states are implementing regulations to protect people online. The CCPA in California will go into effect in 2020. while the SHIELD Act in New York will be voted soon. If you do business in these states, you will be required to take measures to improve the way you collect consent from your leads.

XcooBee brings you up to speed in no time. We ensure your organization is compliant with CCPA, GDPR and all upcoming online regulations.