Create a less annoying, less obtrusive and compliant cookie manager for your website. XcooBee’s cookie manager makes browsing as transparent as possible to your visitors, increasing their trust and satisfaction with your services. The Cookie Manager connects directly to the XcooBee consent center, giving you the tools and visibility you need to manage user data efficiently.

Give Your Visitors Control Over Their Privacy with Cookie Manager

XcooBee’s cookie manager lets your visitors manage cookies enmasse for all the XcooBee-supported websites they visit. It works across browsers, systems and devices, and lets them edit their consent for all their sites in just a few steps. Users can also automatically give consent to trusted websites or set specific policies for new sites.

Get Out-of-the-box Cookies for All Flavors of Data

XcooBee’s out-of-the-box cookies can be used in any

Once integrated, it will automatically link to your company’s documentation and display as a floating cookie graphic button on screen.

The button will allows your visitors to expand the cookie consent window and easily answer cookie consent questions.

Make Your Website Cookie-Ready in No Time

Use the XcooBee platform to define the type of cookie(s) that will be used on your website, and get a prebuilt script that you can easily add to your site.

Customize your cookie’s popup position, branding, content and behavior directly from the XcooBee platform.

Application cookie (required)
Cookies needed by your website or app to function.

Statistics cookie
Cookies used to track site use and traffic, such as Google analytics.

Personalization cookie
Cookies that are used to generate user personalization, such as remembering their specific choices.

Advertising and Marketing Cookie
Cookies tracking what visitors are shopping for, social media interactions and advertising preferences.

Want to add cookies in your website
in no time?

Our Vision

We envision a world where people can enjoy online services without giving away their privacy and have the right to be forgotten.

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